Injection Molds for the Bio-Medical Disposables Industry

Quality Craft Molds has specialized for years as a premier maker of injection molds for the bio-medical disposables industry. From the designing, to the building of the tool, through delivery and continued servicing of the customer after delivery, Quality Craft Molds will be there to help you achieve your production needs and goals.

We specialize in high quality micro to milliliter pipette tip molds, tubes mold, tubes with live hinges and caps, and cap molds for tubes. All produced from high quality stainless steels for internal cavity components, to the mold base itself. From 2 cavity conventional style cold runner injection molds for low production volume, to 32 cavity high volume hot runner (runner-less) injection molds, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

For our pipette tip hot runner molds, we use our own exclusive designed hot drop, to distributor manifold, to gate probe. We incorporate that into a modular design cluster consisting of 8 individual cavities, each with it’s own hot drop system. This design allows us to double up on clusters to achieve a 16 cavity tool, or quadruple up on clusters to mold 32 cavities per shot cycle. With this type of approach, it affords our customers the ability to go from one of our already in service 8 or 16 cavity hot runner molds, and expand to a 32 cavity hot runner mold with just the additional expenses incurred for a larger mold base and 2 additional clusters (should production dictate).

Our hot runner system is a proven design, and customers frequently mold 32 cavities to an 8 second cycle time, depending on part geometry and the molders molding equipment.

We also build molds for the pipette tips packaging side of the business. Box and lid molds, as well as 96 well rack and card molds.

Once the tool is delivered, the service doesn’t end there. We are just a phone call/e-mail away. We are here to provide any technical advice needed, and to help solve any problems that may arise. We want our tools running well, to meet your needs.

We take pride in the ability to provide spare parts for all the tools we build. We keep our data base current, so the customer only needs to e-mail or phone us for the components desired. If we have components in inventory, they will be shipped within a day. If inventory is depleted, an order can be placed and the components order will be set in motion for manufacture. We also build spare parts for our customers who have purchased molds from another supplier. We have reverse engineered, documented, and manufactured many components for our customers. Our success in this area has led to the customers continuation of subsequent orders.

Whatever your Bio-Medical molding needs are, let Quality Craft Molds be the tool shop to build your next tool.